Talent Spotlight: Production Manager

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As a Production Manager, at one of TeamPeople’s on-site managed contracts, at one of the world’s largest and highest valued technology companies- Florence has her hands full. From playing guitar in an all-girl punk band to moving to NY to attend film school, she’s certainly had an adventure in the production industry. Read on to […]


Talent Spotlight: Production Coordinator

For Our Talent

Everyone knows that the efficiency and work-flow of a media team relies on the shoulder’s of the production coordinator. Without a solid communicator and natural organizer collaborating with all sides of the production process, the team would not be able to produce at such a high level. That brings me to one of the best […]


Is Tracking ROI the Ticket to Executive Buy-In for Your Work?

Industry trends

No matter what industry you’re in, or what your to-do list entails, there comes a time when you have to prove that your work is having a positive effect on the bottom line. Measurement strategies can vary widely from company to company, but one of the most meaningful is return on investment, or ROI. ROI […]