Why You Need to Take Time off This Summer

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So now that you have accrued some Paid Time off (PTO) what do you do? Most of us want to do something that will renew and rejuvenate ourselves. See the Seven Wonders of the World Ride a camel at the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt Snow ski at Sella Ronda in Italy Hike to […]


Benchmarking & Human Capital

Industry trends
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It’s become a common term and business practice … benchmarking.  The simplest of definitions is – how our performance measures up to our competitors and peers. Benchmarking is more of a science, as it takes data and intelligence from the business world and helps us to create a standard.  This standard then becomes the baseline […]


3 Steps to Working Happier & Smarter from Home

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There are some 30 million Americans that work from home at least once a week according to the Telework Research Network, and I am one of these people. Often times, friends tell me how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to work from home, which I am. It’s quickly followed up then with questions […]