Invoicing 101- Guide for Freelancers

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Listen up Freelancers and Independent Contractors! You want to get paid? Well, the first step is to create an invoice. Hmm, what should this look like you ask? Here are the essential tips you need to know in order to create a stellar invoice and be paid promptly: Do not rely on your memory to […]


What is a Codec & Why Should You Care?

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Video files are some of the most diverse types of computer files, because of the wide variety of ways they can be processed and saved. Currently there are over 25 different digital video formats in use. There are two important aspects to understand about the structure of all video formats: the codec and the container. […]


At the Speed of Technology

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I recently attended an event where the featured speaker was a technology guru. His presentation discussed how technology is constantly changing the way we do business and as business people we need to be constantly monitoring how we might be able to use technology to improve the way we interact with our customers and talent. […]