How to Train and Develop Staff

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A wise man once said, “What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.”
 In a recent study by Sharon Jordan-Evans and Beverly Kaye, which surveyed 6,400 employees, career development was listed as the No. 1 factor in employee retention. This means people are more likely to stay with […]


Tips for Leveraging Videoconferencing for A/V Production

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Wait, what about that camera in the video conference room? Videoconferencing is a fact of life in the professional world. The time and money saved by not traveling makes it a preferred meeting method and most large organizations have already made the upfront investment in hardware and infrastructure with an eye towards those savings and […]


Favorite Apps for Time Management

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Time’s a Tickin: How Do You Manage Your Time? Time Management in our industry is crucial to getting projects out on time. I am most definitely an advocate of the good ol’ fashion agenda and sticky notes, but in this day and age there are more efficient and ecofriendly ways to manage your time. Everyone […]