Geeking out at NAB

There were many great take-aways at this year’s NAB, but I had one experience that will stay with me for a while. I’m excited to share that I was very privileged to meet Hank Corwin! Editor, Hank Corwin has been recognized by ACE and the Los Angeles Film Critics Society and the AICE — and this year he was nominated the Best Editing Oscar for The Big Short. Corwin has a diverse resume, having worked with Terrence Malick on The Tree of Life and The New World, Robert Redford on The Horse Whisperer and Oliver Stone on Natural Born Killers, Uturn and Nixon.  He gave a presentation touching on a variety of subjects including what’s expected of today’s editor. I found him to be a very approachable guy, after his presentation I quickly rushed the stage! Luckily I wasn’t thrown out and we were able to take a few 1:1 moments to geek out.

Our talk truly resonated with me as he explained the importance of communication from client to client.

Below are a few, off the cuff tips Hank Corwin gave:

1. Understand Story
2. Have a grasp of motion GFX or stylized looks
3. Understand the importance of audio
4. Organization
5. Clear lines of communication and understanding what your director and producers expect.
6. Do not be afraid to express your voice at appropriate times. (Know your audience)
7. Practice – Practice – Practice – He shared that it took him a long time for him to create something he felt was good enough to show.

Inching for more tips? Here’s a link to his work where you can pull some more inspiration.

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