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A Day in The Life of an Operations Assistant

June 9, 2014
I am the Operations Assistant for one of TeamPeople's biggest and baddest contracts, (I can’t tell you where for confidentiality reasons….) My job... Learn More

Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Company That Knows Your Business

April 22, 2014
According to the American Staffing Association, this April, 2.91 million people are employed by staffing companies. That’s a whole lot of people. But why do... Learn More

Corporate Companies Hiring Independent Contractors

April 8, 2014
In the media and audio/visual industries, freelancing has never been uncommon. However, since the recession, there has been explosive growth in the freelance... Learn More

How to Find a Mentor

April 1, 2014
There are times in your career where you are unsure of what your next step should be or you know what you want in the end, but you don’t know where to start... Learn More

Finding Work-Life Balance

March 4, 2014
One of my favorite features on LinkedIn is the blog posting from their so-called Influencers.  The smart people contributing their thoughts to the LinkedIn... Learn More

Meeting Client Expectations in a Corporate Media Environment

February 25, 2014
As an onsite managed staffing and media service provider in a busy corporate environment, we provide our clients various levels of media support. I work Learn More

3 Ways Video Improves Internal Communications

February 11, 2014
Are you using video to make your team stronger? Engine Creative reported that 93% of internal communications professionals believe that video has become Learn More

Should I Invest in a 401K Plan?

February 4, 2014
Many people ask me the question, "Should I invest in a 401K plan?" The answer YES! This is not a financial blog and I’m not going to Learn More

GoPro Hero 3+ Fun Under The Sea

January 14, 2014
I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition to take on a family vacation.  Before making my decision to buy the camera I spent some time online Learn More

Do I Really Need a Demo Reel?

December 4, 2013
Question of the Month: Evolution of the Demo Reel Questions Overheard at TeamPeople, asked by media industry clients, talented professionals, job Learn More