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Busy Days- Part 2 - How to Get Peak Performance From Your Staff

July 22, 2013
Last week I talked about the importance of training and educating your staff in order to get peak performance from your team. Today, I will discuss two other... Learn More

Busy Days- Part 1 - How to Get Peak Performance From Your Staff

July 17, 2013
As an operational manager at several TeamPeople staffing contracts including stints at CNN, Middle East Broadcasting Network, Channel One News, The... Learn More

Is Managing People Overrated?

July 9, 2013
I started my career at one of the “big four” accounting firms. They hired talented college graduates and applied a time tested approach to... Learn More

Opportunities in Media Production

June 25, 2013
I talk regularly with a group of working actors in Hollywood.  These are young people getting their first taste of paid experience in film, television... Learn More

Interview Preparation

June 25, 2013
Interview preparation can be the difference between getting an offer and getting rejected. Not being fully prepared for an interview is a big mistake. Of... Learn More