• Job Title: Gear Manager
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Date Posted: 8/16/2017
  • Location: Santa Clara, CA
  • Job #: JO-1707-734

Primary Function
This position supports a variety of high level digital productions for a global agency. The Technician sets up, troubleshoots, operates and strikes equipment for successful capture, completion and delivery of projects and events. Technician also provides technical assistance to a geographically diverse team, tracking gear and recommending additional inventory.
Responsibilities & Duties

  • Act as DP, Camera Operator and DIT for video productions
  • Operate lighting systems, teleprompter, audio systems or fill crew positions for studio & field productions
  • Assemble, troubleshoot and strike tripods, camera lenses and other camera parts & accessories
  • Assemble, troubleshoot and strike TV/film/video production lighting and electrical equipment, jibs, dollies, cranes, tracks, rigs and generators
  • Build and break down production sets, unpack and pack parts of sets and equipment from storage
  • Lay cable to provide power; dress cables for safety on the set
  • In support of global productions, work with technical team to prepare video production equipment for shipping & delivery
  • Organize equipment inventory, gather data on usage and find creative solutions for most effective use of equipment
  • Travel will be required and will be roughly 20% on average but with peaks during throughout the year as high as 50%
  • Other duties as assigned


  • DP/Camera operation skills; working familiarity with professional cameras by Sony, Panasonic, RED and Canon
  • Understanding of signal flow and video production process
  • Knowledge of lighting techniques and instruments
  • Able to perform well in a deadline driven, high profile environment
  • Excellent customer service skills; proactive and responsive
  • Project management skills with attention to detail
  • Knowledge of production equipment including manufacturers, terminology, visual recognition, set-up, basic troubleshooting and break-down
  • Solid work ethic
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Comfortable in a corporate office setting

Physical Demands

  • The duties of this position require the ability to bend, kneel, crawl, climb ladders and to stand for long periods of time
  • Candidate may be required to lift heavy equipment up to 75 pounds

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Video Production or related field preferred; or Technical school training with electronics training and related experience
  • 4+ years’ experience with the setup, operation and troubleshooting of studio and field shoots

To Apply

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