Keeping up with Technology- TechTour DC

Technology changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up. But keeping up is a must. As consumer behavior changes, your business model has to change with it. Sure, paper brochures are a nice way to start a conversation at a tradeshow or event, but an interactive monitor is more engaging and probably more memorable. So what’s hot in event technology you ask? Well, after spending the day at TechTour DC hosted by NMR Events, TeamPeople & PSA I can give you an idea.

Here are two main things to keep in mind:

1. Setting the mood: Lighting:

Designing unique lighting for your tradeshow or event can change the entire look and feel of the atmosphere. Using the right lighting can enhance your branding and help to build excitement around your event. NMR Group 2  copy2. Engaging your audience: Interactive displays:

This is a seamless LCD wall that is interactive as a multi-user, multi-touch system. By incorporating interactive displays into your event you create an engaging, interesting and unforgettable experience. With radar touch systems way beyond my personal understanding- these babies make any wall or monitor come to life.  According to Chris Fox, Director of Creative Services at NMR Events, these interactive displays are among one of the most popular ways to engage with an audience at corporate meetings, tradeshows and special events.  

NMR Group1 copy

What else can you do to stay ahead of the technology curve? Visit: to find more information.

Courtney Gacona is the digital marketing associate at TeamPeople. A champion of all things digital, with a background in strategic communication and PR, she will be blogging to keep readers updated on what’s new with TeamPeople and offer her reflections on the digital world. 

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