Women in Staffing: A Podcast Interview with Genia Spencer

ClearEdge Marketing’s Senior Vice President Michelle Krier, interviewed our very own Genia Spencer last week for the ClearEdge Podcast, #TheEdge. Highlights from the discussion are below, but during your lunch break, you’re going to want to have a listen to the real deal here.

During the podcast, Genia takes us back to the early years in her career. According to her, she jumped into the staffing world during her freshman year in college to help pay the bills. What originally started as a way to makes ends meet, ended up transforming into her life-long passion.

For those early in their career, Genia notes that “the greatest gift you can give an organization is your own personality.” Because recruitment is a relationship business, being curious and interested with the desire to listen and meet other’s needs will help individuals starting out leap to the top.

Genia’s biggest project this past year was to reframe the discussions around women in leadership roles in recruitment with the Women in Leadership council of the American Staffing Association. In the earlier years of her career, the narrative was always around the lack of women leadership in the industry. She never quite understood that because she would look around and see a ton of women leaders! Now, the Women in Leadership Council wants to bring visibility to those women and keep women in the industry.

For the full conversation, listen to the podcast here.

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